WEA Fourth Corner | Dorn: McCleary & Funding
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Dorn: McCleary & Funding

Dorn: McCleary & Funding

Recently the State Superindent of Public Instruction, Randy Dorn, made an appearance on Washington State’s TVW. In this interview, he said several interesting things.

First, he spoke to how good of a job the Legislature has done in implementing McCleary:

Nothing they did this session has helped them get out from under McCleary.

There's no resources going to the students of the state of Washington, no increases, there was no movement.

However, although this sounds accurate, we should be cautious as to another push that we will likely see in some future Legislative session; that is, the push to eliminate local collective bargaining:

You can't use local levy dollars for teacher compensation, but yet districts are using it, so it's an unconstitutional use of local levies...

We're trying to get a legal opinion...forcing that...we think we know what it is, everybody seems to know what it is...so getting it clear, what can you spend local levy dollars on? We believe you can't spend it on state basic ed, which is teacher compensation, we get that clarified.

Don’t stop paying attention…