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Clock Hours

You can earn clock hours through WEA Fourth Corner. Clock hours can be earned for attending classes that don’t otherwise offer clock hours, or by reading a book that relates to your assignment.


Before you begin the clock hours activity you need to submit your application and have the clock hours approved.

To apply for clock hours, fill out the linked Application and return it to Fourth Corner. We will respond to your request as quickly as possible. If you are doing a book reading, please list the number of pages in your book.

For a learning log to record your readings, Learning Log.


Once you are done you will need to fill out an Assessment Form. We will return the Proof of Registration once it has been processed, at which point, your clock hours will have been officially granted and approved by OSPI.

Below, find an FAQ for our clock hours process. If you have further questions, please contact our office at 360-733-3344 or email Lora Olinger: lolinger@washingtonea.org


Clock Hours: Frequently Asked Questions


Are you the clock hour person for reading a professional book?

Yes. Fourth Corner provides clock hours for reading a book relevant to your practice. Contact Lora Olinger: lolinger@washingtonea.org or 1-360-733-3344 ext. 7


Could you send me some simple directions?

  1. Go to Fourth Corner website and access clock hour application. http://weafourthcorner.org
  2. Complete the application prior to reading the book(s) of your choice or attending a workshop that does not provide clock hours.
  3. Send application via snailmail to WEA Fourth Corner, 405 32nd Ave Ste. 205, Bellingham WA, 98225 attn Clock Hours. Alternatively, send your proposal to Lora at the above email address. The Fourth Corner Clock Hours Committee will approve and send a course number back. Write this course number on all paperwork.
  4. Complete log/class notes (keep for your records)
  5. Complete In-service and Evaluation forms and send them to me for signatures. I will send back for your records.


Do you know where I get the forms? The Fourth Corner website has all necessary forms.


I intend to read a book for clock hours. How many clock hours are available through Fouth Corner? 20 pages of a book = 1 clock hour; as many as you want.


Do you want a copy of all my work?  We don’t need any copies of your work—but you should keep records of the work for at least seven (7) years. If you are audited, the state holds you responsible for all documentation of clock hours.


Where do I send the in-service registration and evaluation forms?  You can send all documentation to the Fourth Corner office.


If I get approved now but choose to read the book over the summer, is that a problem?

No, there is no deadline—however, if you want to advance on the salary schedule, you will need forms completed for the district by certain dates and you will need to check with them.


Do you know if the finish date is what counts so if I read it over the summer I can count it toward my next certificate renewal? The finish date counts for certification and salary schedule advancement. Make sure you know the dates to finish on time.


Is it okay to complete a group application for book study? Yes, prior to reading, complete and application form with all names included or attach a list. Each person should:

  1. Read the book. 2. Complete a reading log. 3. Complete a clock hour in-service registration form. 4. Complete an evaluation form. The facilitator of the book study should send me the in-service registration and attendance.


I have my reading completed, kept a reading log, filled out the in-service registration/evaluation, and filled out the clock hour application.  Is there anything else I need to do?  Send paperwork that needs my signature.


What address and phone number do I put for the “provider” on the In-service Registration?

WEA Fourth Corner

405 32nd Avenue, Ste. 205

Bellingham, WA 98225


I’d like to be able to get us all clock hours for an upcoming class.. Could you tell me what I need to do to get us all clock hours for these workshops?  Complete the Application and get it approved prior to the class.


Does each person fill out one of these applications? No, you can send me a list of names attached to the application.


We will complete our book study and are wondering whether or not we need to turn in Fourth Corner Clock Hour registrations to you or directly to the D.O.? Turn in to us to get signed. We will return to you then you will need to decide if you need to turn them into the D.O. for salary increase.


Do I complete an application for each book? You do not, but you will need to write down each title and page number for each book on the application. If you don’t complete all the books on your list you will need to complete a new application for the books you did read.


Can I get clock hours for a workshop I went to that didn’t have clock hours available and I didn’t apply for through Fourth Corner? No, you must have prior approval with the date on the application showing approval before the date of the workshop.


I have a bunch of clock hours from National Board who do I send the form to? Keep them for your records until you need them to advance on the salary schedule—then get appropriate forms from ESD and send to OSPI.


Is it okay to submit clock hours for audio/video tapes? Yes, 1 clock hour per hour of tape.


I am wondering if I can apply for clock hours for an upcoming training/workshop? Yes, as long as you are not double dipping (getting clock hours through them and us) 1 clock hour per hour make sure to take notes or have some other kind of proof. The clock hours offering needs to be at least three (3) hours long. It cannot be a meeting.


Do I need to attach my resume or my vitae if I am doing an independent study? What would that entail if I need to include it? Yes, a vitae or resume is a requirement of the state. It shows your expertise to teach. A vitae is a shorter version of expertise-sharing than a resume. It should include your name, the date, schooling and professional job experiences in one or two paragraphs.


Would it be possible to get verification for part of my clock hours before the end of June? Yes, but a new application would need to be completed and approved.


If other teachers in my building would like to do the same project, can I just have them be part of my class?  Or do they have to create their own project? They can be a part of your class as long as names are provided on the application ahead of time.


What is the timeline for application to acceptance? Is there a deadline for the end of the year?  You should hear back from us in a couple of days. There is no deadline; it might just take longer in the summer for the approval process.


Do I use “Independent Study” as the course title, or is there something else I should use?

Write down the title of the book, workshop, video or audio tape title. Make the title specific to the learning so it is easier to organize. Entitling classes differently also means less confusion for OSPI (which means less audits for you).


Who do I put down as the Instructor?

You write your own name and sign as the instructor unless you are taking a workshop. In that case, you would put down the instructor’s name. You include the vitae/resume to show you are capable to instruct yourself in an independent study class.